F. Engel K/S is a textiles manufacturer specialising in workwear, hunting wear and men’s trousers. We are a supplier to large, influential companies in Denmark as well as to our export markets in Europe. We are your competent partners even for your most complicated production orders.

F. Engel K/S provides standard and speciality product solutions in workwear and safety clothing, and has the know-how and capacity to meet customer demands. Ongoing communication with the customer ensures sound solutions for the safety, use and economy of our clothing products.

The proposed solutions have several advantages as you can see here:

  • Comfort – To make sure our workwear is as comfortable as possible, we use the best fabrics and, in addition to quality assurance throughout the entire production process, our finished products are all subject to “wear testing”.
  • Fit – The fit has to be right and F Engel workwear fits the bill! Our workwear has an easy fit. Not only does it look good, but it feels good too. Thus, the employees are guaranteed comfortable clothing.
  • Modern design – F. Engel workwear matches current trends and makes sure your employees are presentable. Employees feel good in stylish workwear.
  • Functionality – all work and safety clothing products have mobile phone pockets and reinforced pockets. All trousers, bib overalls and boiler suits have standard knee pockets.
  • Safety – We have the safest safety clothing available! We have 14 years experience with safety clothing products – including active participation in EU standardisation work within CEN. Every single product is guaranteed to provide maximum safety under normal wear and tear and soiling, while at the same time taking economics into consideration.
  • Flexibility – because of our own strategically located production facilities close to Denmark, F. Engel is able to provide a flexible service when it comes to both standard and speciality products.
  • Strength and durability – We have developed our own fabrics for ordinary workwear and safety clothing.

The many competencies of F. Engel:

  • Experience in the development and production of workwear since 1927.
  • F. Engel owns production facilities in Denmark and Lithuania.
  • Expertise in safety clothing – including active participation in standardisation work within CEN and ISO since 1997.

    • F. Engel has played a major role in the formulation of the high-visibility warning clothing EN 471 standard since 1997, and is therefore very familiar with it. Most importantly, we also recognize which solutions are attainable.
    • F. Engel has contributed on international and European standardisation committees regarding flame resistant and anti-static clothing, and is a technical expert for the Danish Safety Technology Authority and the Danish Working Environment Authority.
    • F. Engel also actively participates in the IEC/CENELEC standardisation of protection clothing for electricians.
  • A combination of safety standards is what we do best.




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